Mingda – SLA

Size: 128 W x 128 L x 180 H mm

Speed: 50-150 mm/sec

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Product Description

Specifications of this SLA 3D printer

Printing Size 128*128*180mm
Layer Thickness 0.025mm
Accuracy in X&Y 0.012inch
Laser Power in MW/CM2 50MW
Laser UV Wavelength 355-405NM
Special For Printing Small Objects Models
Input Format STL
Working Way SLA
Printing Material Photosensitive Resin
Dimension 380*380*550mm
Net Weight 18.5kg



  1. Layer Thickness(Min.): 0.025mm
  2. Printing size: 128*128*180mm
  3. Wavelength: 355-405nm
  4. Printing Material: photosensitive resin
  5. Suitable: For Printing Small Samples, such as jewelry
  6. Input Format: STL
  7. UV Resin Clean Compound(NON-TOXIC)



  1. High speed: Much faster than FDM machine
  2. High precision: Layer thickness can be up to 0.025mm
  3. High flexibility: More flexible than ABS/PLA
  4. High intergration: All parts are compactly designed
  5. High utilization for consumable material


Main Features:

  1. Printing Speed: 5-20 times than FDM
  2. Suitable: For Printing Small Samples
  3. Printing Material: UV Resin
  4. UV Resin Clean Compound(NON-TOXIC)
  5. Dimesion: 380*380*550mm
  6. Printing Size(Max.): 128*128*180mm
  7. Weight: 18.5KG
  8. Fluid Bath Service Time: 20-30times(Quartz Bath Optical)
  9. Layer Thickness(Min.): 0.025mm
  10. Optical Service Time: 5000hrs.(Can be returned to our factory for readjust)
  11. Printing material: Photosensitive Resin
  12. Input Format: STL/FORM



  1. Jewelry customized
    A variety of avant-garde, sophisticated, personalized jewelry design to make prototype by MINGDA SLA 3D PRITNER and then casting ,which can reduce the customization cost ,improve the customization efficiency and meets the requirement of customers for private jewerly customized.
  2. Dentures Customized
    3D Scanning and 3d modeling for oral structure, using MINGDA SLA 3D PRINTER for customers tailored dentures prototype , which can make dentures more natural and beautiful to meet customers oral structure, and the maximum extent alleviate the suffering of some teeth.
  3. Handmade for Anime
    Your favorite virtual characters, monsters, NPCS and other virtual image can be producted by MINGDA SLA 3D PRINTER ,which can make the virtual image get reduction in real life.
  4. Prototype
    Use MINGDA SLA 3D PRINTER to produce the prototype of products ,at a lower cost for testing ,refining and improving. The Popularity application of 3d printers, will generate more outstanding enterprise and creative products

SLA can use lots of material such as ABS resin / Wax resin / acrylic resin / PMMA resin / rubber resin / metal resin / ceramic resin and so on.


Detail Photos of MINGDA SLA 3D Printers

TechCityPlace_3D_5C_2 TechCityPlace_3D_5C_3


Printed Sampls by MINGDA SLA 3D Printers

TechCityPlace_3D_5C_4 TechCityPlace_3D_5C_5