Mingda – Glitar 6C


Size: 300 W x 300 L x 600 H mm
Speed: 50-150 mm/sec

SKU: M-Glitar6C.
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Product Description

Specifications of Mingda Glitar6C 3D printer

Model Glitar6C
Structure Full metal frame
Extruder quantity  1
Printing size 300*200*600mm
Layer thickness  0.04-0.2mm
SD card  Support
Printing speed 50-150mm/s
Standard nozzle 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature 260 degree
Hot bed temperature 110 degree
Hot bed material 1cm aluminum
XY axis accuracy 6um
Z axis accuracy 1.5um
Printing material ABS,PLA, HIPS, Nylon, Elastic material etc
Material diameter 1.75mm
Compatible material PLA, ABS, PLA, HIPS, Elastic material
Software language English/ China
Software CURA
Data import format  STL, G-code
Device dimension 530*410*850mm
Net weight 48kg
Power supply 220V/ 110V


Structure of MINGDA 3D Printer Glitar 6C

  1. Touch screen which is easy to operate
  2. Big build volume300*200*600mm
  3. Four round corner and front door, more fashion and safety
  4. Multiple-choice 3D Printing material, like ABS/PLA /Nylon/Wood Filament
  5. High-end stainless steel body and LED light, a sense of fashion and technology
  6. 1.75mm extruder, suitable for more material.(Nozzle temperature can reach 260 degree)
  7. Cooling fan above nozzle, making the PLA filament cool faster reducing filament pending
  8. Enclosed chamber, insulating temperature, reducing external interference and warp of print
  9. Metal structure and dual ball screw on both Z Axis, more stable and perfect printing effect
  10. Fastened Z axis motor to make the layer thickness more precise, dual ball screw for Z axis on both sides
  11. 10mm in thickness, hightemperature resistant aviation aluminum plate, heating equally;with a high-strength support base to keep the plate stable and leveled; no need calibration, easy to use.


Advantage of MINGDA 3D Printer

  1. 1.75mm nozzle,proprietary technology.Nozzle threading smoothly,  high precision without blockage
  2. The inside frame also takes double parallel plate structure, and built with LED light panel, more fashion and easy to observe the printing status
  3. Stopping printing automatically during the blockage of nozzle
  4. 3.2 inch colorful touch screen built on the right top corner of the machine, highly improved the user experience
  5. Full Electric wire hidden design, counter-sunk screws,  more safe and beautiful,according with Europe and American standard
  6. The motor cabinet be added to the motor of Y Axis and extruder, increase the motor installed rigidity, reduce the motor vibration, eliminate motor vibration resonance of rack, reduce noise
  7. Dual ball screw to support the Z axis.Take 16mm diameter optical axis, more stable and precise
  8. Use photoelectric limit switch, infrared ray controls the limit switch automatically. More accurate
  9. When the power off suddenly during printing, MINGDA desktop 3D Printers can continue to print as long as the machine power on again
  10. Dual CPU + 32 subdivision motherboard + import 57 stepper motor —— Low noise, more accuracy
  11. 1.75 mm New style proximal extruder, suitable for many different kinds of filament: ABS,PLA,HIPS,NYLON,FLEXIBLE,PP,WOOD,PVA etc.
  12. If the customer have special requirement, our hot bed temperature can be increased to 180 degree, it’s 110 degree at the present
  13. The out shell and inside mechanical drive system are of independent design. The damage of the shell will not affect the machine function
  14. Take double parallel plate under heat bed, more flat and stable(The accuracy can reach 0.1mm-0.2mm)
  15. All the aluminum board are anodized(including the heat bed, fixing plate etc), which is of higher corrosion stability
  16. Take square rails structure rather than rods, which can reduce the distortion
  17. Use larger screws to calibrate the heat bed, making it more easy-operation
  18. Adding 2 handles on the left and right side, more convenient to move and place
  19. Most of the components are under module design, including the limitation switch, motors, heating element, temperature sensor etc. It is more convenient to replace the parts
  20. The cables are fixed inside the tank chain, more stable and safe


  1. Complete self R&D software and firmware, generating better print file
  2. Compatible with CURA slicing
  3. Can upgrade firmware on the machine, to keep it always newest version


Details about Glitar6C 3D printer

Built with four round corners, more safety and fashion


MINGDA Desktop 3d printer are built with dual ball screws on both left and right side, more stable and precise. Take double parallel plate under heat bed, more flat and stable (The accuracy can reach 0.1mm-0.2mm)

The heat bed of MINGDA industrial 3d printer has been updated to 1.0cm thickness, more flat and strong.The hole be opened under the hot bed directly, the surface of hot bed without holes, the actual print size increased as total area of hot bed (the wiring in invisible, in accordance with European safety standards)


Dual ball screw to support the Z axis.Take 16mm diameter optical axis, more stable and precise


Touch screen with legibility icon, 3.2inch touch screen, easy to operate


Take square rails structure rather than rods, which can reduce the distortion.  The cables are fixed inside the tank chain, more stable and safe.


Adding 2 handles on the left and right side, more convenient to move and place.