Creatbot – DX


Size: 300 W x 250 L x 300 H mm

Speed: 120 mm/sec

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Product Description


Model DX
Build Size(CM) 300*250*300 mm
Architecture Cross Axis
Qty of Nozzle Dual or Triple
Keypad Yes
Automatic shutdown Yes
Relay Switch Yes
Nozzle height adjustable Yes
Filament Detection Yes
Continued to play Yes
ultra-high temperature Yes
Qty of power module 1


Filament detection: When filament is run out, printer will automatically pause printing, and lower platform, retract filament and beep emitted 20 seconds.
Automatic shutdown: Including power management module and power relay switch two parts.
Continued to play: When an unexpected power, the printer automatically remembers the last position, lower the platform and retract filament.
Ultra-high temperature: This refers to can upgrade to the full metal nozzle, the temperature can reached 400 degrees Celsius.



Change knob to 9 buttons:

  • Easy to adjust Z axis
  • Easy to heat extruder and table panel
  • Easy to select from SD card
  • Easy to come back home
  • Easy to choose options



For the new extruder, the temperature can reach 400 ℃, and using K-thermocouple. And like nozzle before, it can realize that nozzle be height adjustable, and can support 3 nozzles. And we have upgraded cooling system. There are three fans on the extruders now.


Product Parameters 

Forming Tech
  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
Tech. Parameters
  • Extrude Number: Dual/Triple extruders
  • Precision: X, Y 0.01mm, Z 0.015
  • Min. Layer: 0.04mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm(0.3、0.5 Optional)
  • Max. Travel Speed: 200mm/sec
  • Max. Print Speed: 120mm/sec
  • Max. Extruder Temperature: 400 Deg
  • Max. Hot Bed Temperature: 120 Deg
  • Filament: 1.75/3.0mm PLA, ABS, HIPS, nylon, water-soluble, wood, flexible, PB, POM
  • Filament Temperature: 150~400 Deg
  • Filament Colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Controller: Arduino ATmega2560 R3Micro Controller
  • Mother Board: Creatbot Stable Main Board V3.x
  • Stepper Motor: X, Y 42*48, 1.3A
  • Stepper Motor: Z 42*63, 1.5A
  • Geared Motor: E 42*42, Ratio 1:10
  • Power Input: 110~220V, 1.5A
  • Power Output: 24V, 10.5A
  • OS: XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
  • File Format: STL, OBJ, GCode
  • Slicer: Cura, Slic3r
  • Print Software: Cura, Printrun, RepetierHost


Metal Body: Full steel structure 3D printer, ensures high-precision printing, long term serve time and much better than wooden frame printer.

Large Build: Build size far more than other available 3D printer in the worldwide market.

High Accuracy: Imported bearing and rail, all parts making by CNC, X, Y accuracy up to 10 microns, Z up to 0.04mm.

Various Filament: Support 1.75/3.0mm PLA, ABS, HIPS, nylon, water-soluble, wood, flexible.

High Speed: Most high speed printer in the market, travel speed up to 200mm/sec, print speed up to 120mm/sec, is more than reprap and makerbot.

Thermostat: Fully enclosed chassis designed to create a climate of printing environment, and the cover is easily removed.

Durable Nozzle: The extruder made by special materials, and also uses a more advanced design technology, the extrusion have more stable and longer life.

No Blocked: The new generation nozzle has formed a perfect solution that can prevent block the nozzle.

Accuracy Feed: Exclusively design filament feeder, the use of professional precision gear motor can ensure feed filament accurately.


Metal Body Strong Axis
TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_01 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_02
Self-development Motherboard& Software
TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_03 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_04
 Heated Monocrystal Glass Print Bed(platform)
 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_05  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_06
 Imported Rail  Stable Feeder
 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_07  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_08
 Anti-clogging ‘patented’ head  New generation Extruder
 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_09  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_10
Large LED Screen  9 buttons to control
TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_11  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_12
 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_13  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_14
 Remote wire feed architecture

More brisk nozzle, smaller inertia

 All metal frame, strong and stable

Basic guarantee of high-precision printing

 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_15  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_16
 Smart adjustable extruder

Now you can easily align all the nozzles

 Gearmotors feeder, high precision

Feed wire more powerful, non-skid

 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_17  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_18
 Exclusive multi-function keypad

One-click to achieve a number of features

 Automatically shutdown system

More intelligent, energy-efficient and safer

 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_19  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_20
 Ceramic panel hot bed

Energy saving and more heat-resistant

 Beautiful gentle backlight logo

Printing can clearly at night

 TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_21  TechCityPlace_3D_CREATBOT_22
 Remote wire feed architecture

More brisk nozzle, smaller inertia

 Metal hot bed tray, less vibration

Longer life of the heating components