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High Impact Polystyrene

2.2lb of 2.88mm HIPS Professional 3D Printing Filament

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Product Description


Airwolf 3D is proud to announce the release of a new HIPS 3D printing filament. The key to successful 3D prints is good quality material, and with Airwolf 3D’s new line of HIPS filament, high quality is no exception. We test each batch of filament ourselves to ensure high standards, absolute top quality and consistent diameter.

No one knows filament like we do!

HIPS is short for High Impact Polystyrene. It has very similar properties to ABS and works well as a support material using Limonene to dissolve it. This makes complex printing easier to achieve and will save you some trouble as break-away support is not always easy to deal with, and it usually needs to be sanded afterwards.

You can print with HIPS as it has less warping than some materials, but it is mostly used at Airwolf 3D alongside our high-grade ABS filaments as support material which will be dissolved away after printing.

What are the hardware requirements?
A heated bed and 240°C hot end. All JR/JRx/JR2x hotends are compatible. If using as a support material, you must use the JR2x.
Our HIPS filament is moisture sensitive and should be kept bagged with desiccant. The filament is very tought and easy to feed into the printer.

Diameter: 2.88mm +/-0.10.
Weight: 2.2lb +/- 0.1.
Printing tips:
Temp: 240-260C
General: purge thoroughly
Color: Natural/White
Price: $68

2.2lb. spool is compatible with Airwolf models: AW3D HD, HDx and HD2x Desktop 3D Printers