Airwolf – Bridge Nylon


2.88mm 1lbs

Taulman’s newest release is named “Bridge” for it’s ability to bridge the gap between ABS and Nylon filament for FFF style 3D printing. Taulman’s new “Bridge” nylon 3D printing filament is the perfect solution for printing nylon with ease. This material has the strength characteristics to that of Nylon 645, but with much better printing characteristics, including better bed adhesion. Printed best at around 270 C, we use a standard purple glue stick straight on glass with a bed temperature of 70 C. No more shrinking, and no more parts coming off the bed mid-print. The parts come out very strong, and even have a tiny bit of flex when compared to other nylons. One of the main problems with previous nylon filament was the moisture issue. Bridge nylon has over-come this and does not suck in moisture, making it easy to print with, durable, and very affordable. Bridge is the highest quality nylon filament on the market, and we are now offering it for our HDx line of printers, or the standard HD with the JRx hotend upgrade. ***Must have an HDx 3D printer, or JRx upgraded standard HD 3D printer in order to print Bridge at its optimum temperature of 270C!!!

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