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Hi welcome to Tech City Place, my name is Mike Lott and I started Tech City Place in July of 2012 with an interest in SmartPhones, I was interested in where they were made and who manufactured them and what are the differences between them, quality, technologies, price. I found that almost all the phones made came from somewhere in China, and that a lot of the Name Brand phones had most of their parts and made in China, if you are interested in what I have learned and what I have to say please join me online with my YouTube channel, Facebook, or sign-up on my Blog page.

Tech City Place has grown into a great company with  great products, one of the key parts of Tech City Place products is our line up of 3D Printers, we have the best 3D printers on the market, From the USA we have Airwolf, if you are looking for the best 3D printer to be used in an Educational system look no farther then Airwolf and their large line of printer for Education system, Entertainment, Manufacturing, concept design, Hobbyist.

TechCityPlace_3D_AW3DHD_05  TechCityPlace_3D_AW3DHD_02

Next is our own home grown Manufacture from Canada ORD Systems, They where the first company to have a 3D Printer with 5 print heads, and their industrial design and manufacturing is the best around, being able to print with all filaments. Find out more about them at our website here.

TechCityPlace_3D_RoVa3D5Extruder_04  TechCityPlace_3D_RoVaPaste_01

Heading back to China I have two manufactures that have become outstanding in their field of the top of the line well engineered, well designed, and great looking, and they offer 3D Printers in many different sizes and configurations that I am sure you will like. Check out Mingda and CreatBot on our website for more information.


Tech City Place covers the full scope of Technology when it comes to 3D Technologies, I love my job when it comes to learning and testing all the new 3D tech, such as 3D Scanners, and Software, we also provide services to help design and print or scan your 3D design. Check this and all other services on our website.


Tech City Place also offers many other services that I would like to mention and would like to direct you to our website for more information. Because of my connection with China as an importer, I have been able to find great products that most people don’t get to see or hear about, I have imported Smartphones and Tablets, USB memory sticks, USB products, as well provide promotional products for you and your company.


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